,,I believe in the Initiative’s potential, as it builds on the real need of the 12 participating states to reach the real convergence of their economies with the Western part of the EU.”

Klaus Iohannis
President of Romania



The 2nd Three Seas Initiative Summit held in Warsaw, on 6 July 2017, decided, with unanimity, upon the proposal of the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, to organize the 2018 Summit of the Three Seas Initiative and the first edition of the Business Forum in Romania.

The Summit hosted by Romania was organized on 17-18 September 2018 and aimed at marking important progress in linking the high level political investment of Heads of States to concrete deliverables. Therefore, the Summit aimed at achieving concrete progress in multiplying transport, energy and digital interconnections.


One of the main objectives of the Summit was shortlisting major strategic projects in the three fields - energy, digital and transportation - thus answering the needs and priorities of participating states, while substantially contributing to the overall goal of The Three Seas Initiative.

For the Summit, Romania aimed to attract the interest, support and participation of other important partners such as the EU institutions, international and regional financial institutions, business entities, relevant EU member states and to maintain the support of the USA in a transatlantic-unity approach and further explore potential synergies with other stakeholders outside the region.

As decided in Warsaw, a Business Forum was organized in the framework of the 2018 Bucharest Summit, on 17-18 September 2018. The Business Forum unfolded under the High Patronage of the President of Romania, and was co-organized by the Presidential Administration of Romania and the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Atlantic Council of the United States and the National University for Political Science and Administration of Romania.


The goal of the Business Forum is to create a favorable environment for the selected projects’ implementation, but also to stimulate business in the region and to devote a special attention to other high potential areas like SMEs, young entrepreneurship, start-ups and business incubators in the region, inter alia by facilitating the relevant exchange of know-how among participants.

The Business Forum was open for attendance to companies from the participating states, from other EU Member States, from the US, from non-EU states from South-East Europe, Eastern Neighborhood and Turkey.

The Business Forum, which has become a regular annual event, could also ensure a monitoring function on the evolution of the implementation of the shortlisted projects.

The Business Forum also comprised a policy component, focused on policy discussions and analyses of broader strategic implications of the implementation of the Three Seas Initiative priority projects and other topics of interest. This offered a much needed platform for conceptual interaction between important stakeholders form the 3SI region, such as policy makers, business community, think-tanks, mass media, academia, NGOs and other representatives of the civil society.

Integrating the academic dimension in the Business Forum offered an ideal combination between the pragmatic approach of the business community and the analytical approach of think tanks, streaming a useful conceptual input in the Three Seas Initiative.

Preparatory meetings hosted by the Presidential Administration of Romania

Preparatory meeting of the Presidential Foreign Policy Advisors from Romania, Poland and Croatia
29 September 2017, Bucharest

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Romania has gone at length to thoroughly prepare the third Three Seas Initiative Summit. The Presidential Foreign Policy Advisors from Croatia, Poland and Romania had a productive meeting in Bucharest, on 29 September 2017, starting the preparation of the 2018 Three Seas Summit. The three countries, including the co-founders of the format, Croatia and Poland, met in order to conceptually frame the direction of the Initiative for the 2018 Summit, based on the decisions taken by the Presidents at the previous two Summits. This fruitful meeting resulted in an ambitious and substantial roadmap.

Meeting of the Presidential Foreign Policy Advisors from the 12 Countries Participating in the Three Seas Initiative
22 November 2017, Bucharest

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The next step was the meeting, in Bucharest, on 22 November 2017, of the Presidential Foreign Policy Advisors from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Romania together with the representatives of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, in order to agree on the core concept of the Initiative and set the objectives for the 2018 Summit.

The participating states fully endorsed the proposals put forward and, in follow-up, Romania elaborated a paper on the results of these preparatory efforts, reflecting the common understanding reached on the main objectives of the Initiative, which are pro-economic development in the region, pro-EU and pro-transatlantic ties, and regarding the deliverables of the Summit.